“Will you forgive me” is sometimes easier said than done. We want people to automatically forgive us without us asking. They should already know. Right? I was so snippy at my husband on Friday. I immediately felt bad about it so I called him up and asked him if he would forgive me for being a horses rear end. Then on Saturday he returned the favor and after I explained what had happened he asked me if I would forgive him. Forgiveness just keeps the air clean. It keeps you on level ground. I have learned in recent months/years that sometimes we have to forgive someone even if they don’t or can’t ask for forgiveness. Hard to do right?  


You win by forgiving. Bitterness can’t live in a forgiving heart. Do you know  someone that needs fo be forgiven today. If so, forgive and move on. Cancel that debt. You will feel so much better. 


It’s just an Average Day,


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